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Agile Testing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Agile Development methodologies have become widely used and accepted as industry standards across the world. The flexibility to grow and adapt software development organizations is one of the most attractive features of Agile development. The price paid for this flexibility is buggy software. While most Agile development teams are able to produce features at a higher rate than traditional development teams, they also deliver more defects than a traditional development team. Software quality for Agile testing is needed.

Agile Software Testing Services

Agile testing involves testing from the customer perspective as early as possible, testing early and often as code becomes available and stable enough from module/unit level testing. Since working increments of the software are released often in agile software development, there is also a need to test often. Taking an agile testing for software quality control approach is key.

Why Have an Agile Testing Methodology?

  • Early in the lifecycle teams don’t realize the severity of existing defects, and do not put a large effort into finding them.
  • When Critical Mass is reached, customers begin using the product in unexpected ways.
  • As product development becomes steady, the effort necessary to find the defects is not constant throughout the release cycle, and a steady team of Test Engineers is too much for some stages and not enough for other stages.
  • When the product matures, automation test scripts that have been relied on in the past no longer provide sufficient coverage, and cannot find all of the defects.

On Demand Agile testing solves these problems, it keeps product quality in step with your engineering team. TESTCo’s QA testing will make this happen.

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Benefits of Automated Software Testing

Automated testing of software has become one of the most popular ways of increasing the efficiency of testing today. Most typically, automated software testing eliminates the human hand in test execution steps. Automation testing is completed using technology instead of people to test and verify the software product and functionality.  Automated software testing by TESTCo can provide this and more.

Automated Software Testing Services

A critical aspect of deploying a test automation product is to develop a realistic plan for implementation and to create a business case that establishes the expectations and structure of the project. Test automation also provides challenges to less experienced test organizations, due to the requirement for a separate development life cycle to produce a well-structured, easily maintainable and reusable process.
TESTCo has extensive experience in implementing test automation in general. Having worked with customers on countless projects, we know how to help you maximize the value of the tool you choose. This, combined with our experience in building a high quality software testing automation framework, provides you with an expert partner to make your project a success.

What Are The Benefits of Automated Software Testing?

Automation saves execution, which results in more time for analysis, design and development, and can result in higher quality software.  Automated software testing can also be part of a Web site test.  In addition:

  • Implementing automated software testing and automated functional testing will reduce the number of required test cycles and involve less people to execute test cycles. Long term, this will reduce the total costs of testing.
  • Automated software testing enhances the repeatability, maintainability, automatic reporting and the ability to run unattended regression (repeated testing) tests.
  • Apart from test execution, other areas of the testing process may be automated, such as administrative tasks and any routine tasks in preparation.

What do you do if you’re ready to explore automated software testing? Contact TESTCo, of course.

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