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A Software QA Company Built Out of Necessity

For many years, I struggled to find a really good software QA company for my projects. I tried one company after another, but was never completely satisfied. You might have experienced this yourself.

We always managed to get through the tight spots but it was bruising for my teams and our customers.

It shouldn’t be that hard to get really talented and effective software testing and QA help.

QA Process and Technology Discovery

In 2000, I joined some friends in a startup that eventually failed because we were a little “too early”. But, as part of that startup, we built some technology and a testing process that just nailed it. Every. Darn. Day.

It’s hard to describe the joy and elation that we felt when our daily work came back fresh each morning with either confirmation that it worked properly or a set of defects that we could easily find, replicate and fix!

No more late night calls, either!

No, we weren’t perfect and our software had some issues. But, man-oh-man, we definitely felt bullet proof! We finally had a software development process where the Testing and QA was as good as the Create and Build.

It felt like we could conquer the world!

However, the fair winds of commerce did not blow in our direction and we couldn’t find a product that the market wanted.

We disbanded that startup and started technical consulting – taking our talent, tools and testing/QA process forward into the rich Austin software market to help other folks who had ideas with more traction. We were about to be surprised.

Software QA Company | Jeff Hotz | TESTCo CEO
Jeff Hotz, Founder and CEO

Discovering the Crown Jewels

It turned out that there were more folks looking for testing and a good software QA company than there were looking for Build/Create help.

Our QA tool and process for delivering spectacular software testing and QA was just what a VP Engineering in a software company was looking for to help them achieve their goals of faster product delivery, better customer satisfaction and cheaper solutions for real problems.

TESTCo is Born in Silicon Hills

I started TESTCo formally in November 2002 with two clients, one QA Manager and four talented Test Engineers. We primarily focused on the Austin, TX market since it was already a hot spot for newly-minted software companies. Austin was (and still is) a thriving community of technical, marketing and entrepreneurial talent. We now serve clients across the country and many outside the U.S.

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