software app testing company

Three Criteria to Select the Best Software App Testing Company

It seems there is a new software app testing company born every week. That can be good or bad depending ...
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mobile application regression testing

Why Regression Testing Must Be Included in Mobile Application Testing

Are your mobile apps prone to breaking after implementing a new feature or update? If so I encourage you to ...
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mobile application testing company selection

How to Select a Mobile Application Testing Company

Mobile application testing is similar to software testing. But, it’s also a little different in a couple of  key areas ...
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mobile application testing services choices

How Much Testing Does Your Mobile Application Need?

Mobile applications are different than web or installed applications and deserve some careful thought to make the best choices about ...
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QA Software Testing Company

Does Your QA Software Testing Company Do Both?

That's not a typo in the headline. I'll repeat. Does your QA software testing company do both? Both? Both what? ...
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TESTCo Software Testing Solutions Make Life Easy for Journyx Product Manager

Meredith Zachritz, director of product management at Journyx, reviews customer requirements and market trends then turns that analysis into products ...
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agile qa outsourcing

The Problem with Agile QA Outsourcing

There’s a problem with Agile QA Outsourcing and we have a solution. Here’s the problem. “Testers”, and particularly, outsourced software ...
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web application testing services

A Short Guide to Web Application Testing Services

Web application testing services is a general term that can quickly spiral down into a techno babble of software testing methods ...
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web testing company

When “Just Test It” Isn’t Enough

If the goal you give to a web testing company is “go fast and break things” then you should skip ...
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QA Testing Company

Does Your QA Testing Company Know Your Goals and Constraints? 

Why does it matter if a QA testing company, hired for a quick project, knows your goals and constraints for ...
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web application quality assurance perspectives

Three Perspectives, One Recommendation for Web Application Quality Assurance

Building an excellent web application is hard, especially if your web application quality assurance isn't what it should be. But, ...
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website testing service

DIY Website Testing Versus a Website Testing Service

You have a website – an important website –it represents your company (or is your company), and you want to ...
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