Website QA

The Website QA Lessons We Learned in 2018

My company was awarded a record number of website QA projects in 2018. I recently called a meeting of all ...
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Outsource Quality Assurance

Outsource Quality Assurance? When is the Right Time?

There will be a time when you wonder, “When should I outsource quality assurance for my software, websites, or mobile ...
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Mobile App Testing

The Mobile App Testing Lessons Learned in 2018

The market for mobile applications is continually shifting. Failure to get it right, the first time, and keep it right, ...
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QA Testing Services

How QA Testing Services Help You Build A Stronger Business

If your business builds software, mobile apps or websites (for yourself or others) then your business risk is high because ...
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Mobile App Performance Testing

Do I Need Mobile App Performance Testing?

Mobile app performance testing is the process of testing and reporting the time it takes your application to process a ...
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Mobile Testing Strategy

The Difference Between a Mobile Testing Strategy and a Mobile Testing Plan

There is a big difference between a mobile testing strategy and a mobile testing plan. If you know the difference, ...
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Automated Mobile App Testing

When Is Automated Mobile App Testing The Right Solution?

Automated mobile app testing seems like a silver bullet to the problem of testing your mobile app quickly and inexpensively ...
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Mobile Application Testing Strategy

Why You Need a Mobile Application Testing Strategy

App testing looks easy but you might want to think again - and I'll help you think through a mobile ...
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Software App Testing cCompany

Three Criteria to Select the Best Software App Testing Company

It seems there is a new software app testing company born every week. That can be good or bad depending ...
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Mobile Application Regression Testing

Why Regression Testing Must Be Included in Mobile Application Testing

Are your mobile apps prone to breaking after implementing a new feature or update? If so I encourage you to ...
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Mobile Application Testing Company Selection

How to Select a Mobile Application Testing Company

Mobile application testing is arguably more important than regular software testing. Here’s why. Most mobile applications are free and most ...
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Mobile Application Testing Services Choices

How Much Testing Does Your Mobile Application Need?

Mobile applications are different than web or installed applications and deserve some careful thought to make the best choices about ...
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