Is On Demand Software Testing Different from Offshore Software Testing?

On Demand Software Testing is simply a smart implementation of offshore software testing. The traditional offshore software testing model consisted ...
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Offshore Testing

A Unique Offshore Testing Company

At some point, almost every company finds themselves faced with this problem: You need to test, fix and launch your ...
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Getting Started with Outsourced Software Testing

According to an article in IT Pro/, one in three offshore or outsourced software testing projects fail. Research firm Ventoro ...
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Offshore Software Testing Company Helps BetweenMarkets Deliver On Time

Why would a company with good internal software testing capabilities decide to hire an offshore software testing company? BetweenMarkets, an ...
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Automated Testing Tools: Watir Performance Testing, Squish Testing

You can dramatically increase both the speed and accuracy of your testing processes with automated functional testing. Some of our ...
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Agile Testing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Agile Development methodologies have become widely used and accepted as industry standards across the world. The flexibility to grow and ...
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Benefits of Automated Software Testing

Automated testing of software has become one of the most popular ways of increasing the efficiency of testing today. Most ...
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On Demand Software Testing Company Develops New Business Model

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Austin-based TESTCo now offers faster on demand software testing service to help with cash flow in smaller ...
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