Getting Started with Outsourced Software Testing

According to an article in IT Pro/, one in three offshore or outsourced software testing projects fail. Research firm Ventoro found that “the main cause of offshore testing failures is a lack of preparation and poor execution by the user organization.” Ventoro went on to conclude that some offshore software testing companies can try to “steamroller the initial engagement process” in a rush to get the contract signed. MIT reports that only 37% of offshore testing co-sourced projects succeed and 50% of offshore software testing strategic partnerships fail.  How do you like those odds? In the event that you do fail, where is the flaming finger of blame going to point?  If your company depends on software for either new revenue or operational efficiency and productivity then it seems like making this type of bet on outsourced software testing and development is overly risky.

Here are a few things you can do to improve the odds in your favor and minimize your risk:

  • Start with the best outsourced software testing company you can find
  • Focus on the lowest risk area
  • Demand daily deliverables
  • Insist on real value
  • Use a scorecard
  • Report and adjust every week

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