Offshore Testing

A Unique Offshore Testing Company

At some point, almost every company finds themselves faced with this problem:

  1. You need to test, fix and launch your new software version to capture emerging market opportunities (or catch up with your competitor!)
  2. You don’t have enough time or talent to get it all tested with your internal team
  3. You decide to seek help from an offshore testing company
  4. You Google “Offshore Testing” and start sending contact forms
  5. You get to participate in lots of “yeah, we do that too” conversations while talking with companies that actually do much more software development than testing. ( Sure, they have some testers and will sell you as many as you need).

That’s probably not what you want and it definitely won’t solve the problem you have right now.

The Problem with Testers for Offshore Testing

The problem, as we see it, with that type of approach is that you typically wind up with the “second string” testers. You know, the people who weren’t good enough for the A-List software development team but who make reasonably good software testers. This problem gets compounded when testers are not managed effectively – and “testers” require a lot of your management time. Cheap testers can and will do what they are told, but typically fail to deliver real and immediate value when given a broad set of directives instead of a clear and finite list of testing tasks. Testers will also need additional training time in order to be effective with a new software application.

On the other hand, insisting on Test Engineers for your offshore testing needs almost always succeeds – even under the most difficult and challenging situations. Add a QA Manager to help the Test Engineers build effective strategies and plans and you have a powerful software QA team to achieve your goals and launch your software on time.

TESTCo is a different kind of outsourced software testing company. Since we ONLY provide software testing, we ONLY hire and train Software Testing Engineers. We think this makes a huge difference and our clients agree.

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