What TESTCo Clients Have to Say About
Our Software Testing Services

Engineering Manager Reviews

Two Major Assets

Going forward, we expect that TESTCo will enable us to better handle the peak demands in both development and QA. Read more “Two Major Assets”

James W.

Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

As a result of TESTCo’s testing, our customer avoided a potential loss of $1M and we further enhanced the strong customer relationship. Read more “Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks”

Tom P.

Super Flexible

The team did great, the project went well and they were super flexible. Read more “Super Flexible”

Neal P.

React Quickly

The biggest value in working with TESTCo has come from their ability to react quickly to changing needs and be accommodating of our unique process and approach. Read more “React Quickly”

Keith Z.

First-Chair Participants

Unlike some other third party developers, TESTCo is in the “A” group with their ability to manage the writing of the code to test and release.  Read more “First-Chair Participants”

Tom D.

On Short Notice

TESTCo was able to supply test engineers on short notice allowing us to move fast. This would have not been possible with the local partners! Read more “On Short Notice”

Lugman P.

Quick Adjustments

By working with TESTCo we have the ability to make quick adjustments to staffing levels based on our needs which is something we didn’t have the flexibility to do with in-house staff. Read more “Quick Adjustments”

Torsten W.
Acorn Systems

Overwhelmingly Positive

Through working with TESTCo, we have been able to shape improvements to our own practices that reinforce our ability to deliver high quality software. Read more “Overwhelmingly Positive”

Adam B.

Affordable SQA

We could not afford this level of SQA if we did it in house. Read more “Affordable SQA”

John M.

Simplified Regression Testing

TESTCo provides on-going regression testing for our evolving product. Read more “Simplified Regression Testing”

Andrew R.

A Level of Technical Ability

I’d like to express how well your software QA outsourcing team has been working out on our project team. Read more “A Level of Technical Ability”

Jerel T.
SPS Commerce

Less Expensive No Sacrifice of Quality

By the use of TESTCo, we were able to do the kind of work that others could not do. Read more “Less Expensive No Sacrifice of Quality”

Rob M.

We Learned A Lot From You

You guys made us better and I wonder how much more can you do for us. Read more “We Learned A Lot From You”

Andy D.

QA Manager Reviews

Objective Perspective

Having the objective perspective that TESTCo contributes is supporting our goal of providing a high quality end product to our customers.

Ivor S.

More Than Pleased

We have completed our Forms application and are more than pleased with the work TESTCo performed for us.

Wendy J.

Fantastic Job

TESTCo has done a fantastic job managing this, oftentimes haphazard and disorganized, testing project.

Moriah C.

Great Help

They quickly picked up familiarity with the product line and helped us get through our testing.

Jeff T.
Anue Systems

Integrated Into Our Culture

TESTCo provided staff with strong technical skills and the personality to propose creative solutions without waiting for direction.

Guy L.
Lombardi Software

Increased Productivity of Engineers

By using TESTCo to drive our software QA testing, we’ve dramatically increased the productivity of our engineers. Now they can spend more time focused on product development and receive almost immediate feedback on fixes needed.

Joseph P.

A Pool of Trained Resources

TESTCo provides us with a pool of trained resources that gives us the flexibility to ramp up our software QA testing efforts on a very short notice.

Maarten M.
Lombardi Software

An Extension of Our Team

TESTCo’s software testing services are very effective in uncovering software defects prior to release.

Bill B.
Journyx (2014)

Drive Costs Down

The value of their staff extends well beyond the positive measurable ROI I receive each month.

Brian W.

Peace of Mind

We needed to be MS OEM certified ASAP and the TESTCo team was able to jump in and get it done.

Carrie D.

Synchronize Testing

They allow me to get a lot of manual testing done at once, and have helped synchronize testing efforts with the workflow in development.

Stephen S.
AG Mednet

Producer Reviews

Thorough Process

You were thorough in your process to determine our exact needs, as well as in the feedback provided.

Carly H.
Trademark Media

Establish Metrics and Tracking

They identified and described defects in our product. They helped us establish the metrics and tracking we wanted.

Carl A.
Antone Design

Great Support

We appreciate the great support and quality work you and your team provide.

Gary R.
Visual Alchemy

We Had a Great Experience!

The TESTCo team was a pleasure to work with. They were highly responsive and friendly.

Danny L.
Trademark Media

Product Manager Reviews


They seem to work very well with our developers and their open collaborative communication has been tremendous.

Lisa S.
SPS Commerce

To The Letter

I can pass off an entire business problem (‘we need testing’) and count on it being solved well. Also, when instructions are provided to you guys, you follow them to the letter almost perfectly every time.

Andrew R.
Click Security

Increasing Our Revenue Velocity

By shortening our test cycles with automation and plugging testers into the development process, we are expanding our ability to deliver value to the market faster and increase our revenue velocity as a result.

Meredith Z.
Journyx (2019)

Above and Beyond

Every issue reported had all of the information necessary to replicate it. Where functionality was lacking, they went above and beyond by suggesting improvements in a professional manner.

Joshua M.

Take Ownership

Do a great job taking ownership of the whole product, not just the piece of the project they’ve been asked to test.

Ivonne M.

You Guys Rocked

I will use you guys in the future when we have another big release.

Parker R.
Delivery Dudes

An Extension of Our Internal Technology Team

I look forward to working with the TestCo team again on future endeavors for the very best in QA.

Justin H.
Asset Intl

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Thanks to improvements implemented by TESTCo, I have the ability to spend the majority of my time on forward looking activities that allow me to be prepared for opportunities as they arise.

Meredith Z.
Journyx (2017)

Easy to Work with and Highly Valuable

Your software testing processes helped me gain the confidence I was looking for with my development team.

Kelly B.

Impressive Personnel

I am impressed with the personnel assigned to this project. They are patient and consistent hard working testers that we enjoy having on the team.

Michael G.

A True Partner

TESTCo has been a true partner with us as we created a new and innovative trading platform for one of our key clients.

Brian H.

Proud to Release

Our test project was professionally managed and the test effort resulted in a product we were proud to release.

Ian A.

Top Notch

Our experience with TESTCo was top notch! We got TESTCo on the job very late in the game for some functional testing. They picked up very quickly, and finished the job before the deadline and under budget! Karla and her team were a pleasure to deal with, and kept us in the loop multiple times a day.… Read more “Top Notch”

Cory H.
Transworld Business Advisors

Founder Reviews

Real-Time Testing

TESTCo has helped us enable a real-time, iterative development process that has had a dramatic impact on our time-to-market.

Erik H.
Between Markets

An Indispensable Factor

Put simply, the TESTCo team was an indispensable factor in transforming the quality and reliability of our software products.

Matt R.

Consistently Delivered

I have to say that our experience with TESTCo has been very positive for the two years we’ve been working with them.

Phil G.
Lombardi Software

Fewer Customer Complaints

Now that we have TESTCo in place, we’re experiencing fewer customer complaints.

Zeeshan M.

Extremely Valuable

On behalf of our customers, we thank you. We look forward to a long and productive relationship together.

Curt F.
Journyx (2016)

Three Reasons Why TESTCo

The three reasons I’m thrilled with our decision to use TESTCo: communication, comprehensiveness and team unity.

Jonathan D.

Saving 30 to 50%

We’re saving probably 30% to 50% of what we were paying previously, and we get things done faster and more reliably with TESTCo’s software testing services.

Jim F.

Rigorous Review

Having a rigorous third party review to ensure quality, but didn’t want to make their clients wait longer for their deliverables.

Michael T
Bluefish Development Group

A New Tool

My view is we now have “a new tool in the bag” for meeting our testing requirements.

Pat M

Instantaneous Expertise

It is obvious that TESTCo measures their success by our success. TESTCo’s process dovetails with our agile development methods, which facilitates a ‘develop today and test tonight’ methodology.

Michael H.
Hayes Software Systems

Fleshed Out the QA Process

But working with TESTCo has been great! They ramped quickly and within two weeks TESTCo fleshed out the QA process for us.

Brian D.
Optive Research

Easy and Painless

Our company has never outsourced software QA testing work before and TESTCo made it both easy and painless.

Ryan T.
Draconis Software

A Great Partner

Your team has become a great partner to our software development teams.

Sebastian G
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