First-Chair Participants

Starting in the development area, TESTCo has been acting as Sychron’s QA, testing everything with the application – from insulation, configuration, performance all the way through to the robustness of the application.  TESTCo helps us establish the criteria to determine whether the product is ready to go.

Unlike some other third party developers, TESTCo is in the “A” group with their ability to manage the writing of the code to test and release.  They are first-chair participants and Sychron could not ask for better team members and that is exactly what they are.

Communication is key in this business and TESTCo provides us with the ability to concentrate on other areas of development while they manage the software QA testing.  These third party developers are not faceless folks and TESTCo ensures that they are part of the process at all times.

Even more than the communication factor is that TESTCo and the developers have the best interest of Sychron’s product and the value is the sense of ownership that TESTCo takes in the sense of ownership we all share.  That is a rare quality to find in a company.

The final result is a union of people’s hard work and software QA testing is often treated with less importance and even more when it is outsourced.  That is not the case here and it is because of TESTCo managing and making sure we are all on the same page and working in the same direction.