We maintained Zero customer-found defects while cutting the QA budget in half

The past year was a challenging year for growth in the tech sector.  Journyx was no exception.  As has been the case for almost 2 decades, TESTCo continues to be a supportive partner who helps us achieve our goals in varying conditions.  Last year, this included maintaining the highest levels of product quality (e.g., zero customer-found defects) while cutting the QA budget in half.  This was not an easy thing to do, but TESTCo management in general, and the QA team more specifically, found a way to make this happen.
The TESTCo team always goes above and beyond to make sure we get what we need.
Meredith Z.

The QA Manager is the force of quality improvement behind the scenes

TESTCo’s QA Manager is the force of quality improvement behind the scenes. His ability to collaborate across departments has fostered a culture of working together, where his insights and suggestions have been invaluable in putting AccuBuild on a path to enhance our product development procedures. His guidance and mentorship have not only elevated the quality of work but also began to cultivate a team that is enthusiastic about maintaining excellence.

Tracy B.

AccuBuild:  ConstructionPayroll.com

New level of velocity in each sprint and fewer defects.

The Test Engineer’s contributions as a quality engineer at AccuBuild have been nothing short of exceptional. His dedication to maintaining the highest standards in quality assurance has significantly impacted the team’s ability to achieve a new level of velocity in each sprint. Stan’s meticulous attention to detail has been instrumental in ensuring that AccuBuild’s product has fewer defects. His commitment to identifying and rectifying potential issues before they escalate has not only saved time but also upheld TESTCo’s reputation to deliver value everyday.

Tracy B.

AccuBuild:  ConstructionPayroll.com

They ask thoughtful questions, bringing clarity

We are an independent third-party software & technology escrow agent that ensures software investments are secure and protected for all parties involved. TESTCo’s participation in the audits we perform for our clients has been professional, and very diligent while testing and writing the reports that our customers need. They ask thoughtful questions, bringing clarity, which will be helpful to our clients if ever they need to rely upon the escrow deposits to support their business critical applications.  TESTCo is a great partner!

Chris S.
Praxis Technology Escrow

The importance of setting quality goals that align with business objectives.

TESTCo set an excellent precedent for attention to detail, clearly demonstrated the value of QA early in the development lifecycle, and emphasized the importance of setting quality goals that align with business objectives.

– Ella G., Cardata

Now we are receiving QA feedback in less than a day.

We were partners with another company that was providing us QA. They were clearly not prioritizing us for QA, and that caused us a bottleneck in QA. We were constantly waiting on QA rather than development. That was really slowing down our process, probably averaging 3 days, sometimes longer. As a result, I had to give my boss not very good answers, such as “The work is done, but we’re just waiting for someone else.”

Now that we are working with TESTCo, we feel like we are in a much better spot. I’ve been thrilled with TESTCo’s performance; since the first couple of sprints, it was clear that QA was no longer the bottleneck. Now we are receiving QA feedback in less than a day.

I also appreciate their flexibility; even when tickets don’t get to QA as fast as we wanted them to, we know they will be ready when we need them.

Kenneth P.


Indispensable to meeting delivery dates

TESTCo allows us to work on multiple branches/versions of software without jeopardizing delivery dates communicated last year. With TESTCo team we are able to get better regression test coverage and have the team focused on priorities and high-risk items.

I appreciate all the work the TESTCo team has been doing. We would not be able to commit to the release schedule we have without your help.

Yelena G.

Salient Systems

I Loved The Video Evidence of Defects

I think TESTCo did an excellent job, communication was good and responsive.

The defects that they found give me confidence that they were doing a good job. The information provided was transparent. It was obvious the team was doing the work, so I didn’t have to worry about it. I loved the videos with defect evidence that shows me how to reproduce the defect exactly, that was really important and useful. Everything TESTCo promised they delivered.

Very Thorough and Responsive

TESTCo has been very thorough, communicative, and responsive.  When issues are discovered, they provide detailed documentation of the issue and how to reproduce it, which is very helpful for debugging.  Their help has been valuable for ensuring consistent performance.

Two Major Assets

TESTCo brings to the table two major assets. The first is the formal software QA testing experiences and methodology that we can benefit from TESTCo’s best practices. The second is the varying resource demands we have depending on release cycles.

Having a local presence that provides daily status updates is invaluable. I believe the key to success with offshore software testing or development is the constant communication and getting issues resolved as soon as they occur. Going forward, we expect that TESTCo will enable us to better handle the peak demands in both development and QA.

Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

We are very pleased with our decision to work with TESTCo. We recently brought TESTCo in to complete a Load and Performance Testing project for one of our customers. The testing helped us find and eliminate several performance bottlenecks that could have completely halted our customer’s application and business operations. As a result of TESTCo’s testing, our customer avoided a potential loss of $1M and we further enhanced the strong customer relationship.