I can focus now on customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

We were about to launch, so we wanted to get it tested. Our main concern was figuring out what we were missing and coverage across browsers because that is a lot of work to get through. We have a small team, and the internal resources to test wouldn’t be testing full-time.

That’s why we reached out to TESTCo. You guys were thorough and very methodical. Proactively identifying issues, especially some of the security things. I feel pretty good about the help received, especially the feedback on test cases missing from our test suite. We want to do things very well, I think that was accomplished, and it also helps with the investors.

I can focus now on customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

Ivan Z.

Ship with confidence

A couple of years ago, we were forced to trim down testing resources, blocking our full velocity for new products or versions.  The reduction in resources gated our ability to launch new products. Last year we got back on track with automated test maintenance and other testing best practices. Now testing is going well, and the regression cycle has been reduced. Shortening the regression cycle allows us to push more things out quickly and be more aggressive with the scope. Getting back on track with thorough testing through best practices allows me to ship my products with confidence in their quality, and that’s a great feeling!

Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

We are very pleased with our decision to work with TESTCo. We recently brought TESTCo in to complete a Load and Performance Testing project for one of our customers. The testing helped us find and eliminate several performance bottlenecks that could have completely halted our customer’s application and business operations. As a result of TESTCo’s testing, our customer avoided a potential loss of $1M and we further enhanced the strong customer relationship.

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Increased Productivity of Engineers

Our experience with TESTCo has been very positive and they’ve added significant value to our company. A huge plus in working with them, and one of the main reasons they were selected, is that TESTCo manages the software QA testing team directly. This enables me to focus on the key components of development and software QA testing without having to spend time managing TESTCo’s QA engineers directly.

By using TESTCo to drive our software QA testing, we’ve dramatically increased the productivity of our engineers. Now they can spend more time focused on product development and receive almost immediate feedback on fixes needed since testing occurs overnight. Being able to complete software QA testing throughout the development process versus just testing at the end of each milestone has helped us to continually strengthen the quality of our product. In addition, the cost savings of working with TESTCo have been huge! Just for software regression testing on patches, TESTCo has saved us almost 150 hours of staff time over the course of a year- and that is just one aspect of the testing services we use

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Fantastic Job

TESTCo has done a fantastic job managing this, oftentimes haphazard and disorganized, testing project. This was our first foray into outsourcing any testing and I am sure we will be using your services again when necessary.

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Great Help

We finished up with the team last Friday, and I just want to again compliment the team on their great help. They quickly picked up familiarity with the product line and helped us get through our testing.

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A New Tool

My view is we now have “a new tool in the bag” for meeting our testing requirements.

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Rigorous Review

Blue Fish needed to make the jump from writing code that is bug free and checked internally to having a rigorous third party review to ensure quality, but didn’t want to make their clients wait longer for their deliverables.

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Overwhelmingly Positive

My experience with TESTCo has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful for their diligence and the quality of their results.

The team we have been working with is always readily available for discussions and changes in our direction, and in our meetings with them they are very personable and friendly.

TESTCo has surprised more than one of my coworkers with their thoroughness and preparedness. One new product manager remarked “Usually, I’m the one grilling the testers, but I was happy they were grilling us with the important questions that needed to be answered!”

Their test results prove that their methods are sound, well researched, and well practiced. They have provided excellent reports that are highly detail oriented and demonstrate a thoroughness that is very meaningful to us as we grow our start up.

Through working with TESTCo, we have been able to shape improvements to our own practices that reinforce our ability to deliver high quality software, and we would not be as successful as we have been without the amazing support that TESTCo has offered us.

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Take Ownership

The TESTCo Team established good communication with our QA team and DEV Team. If they don’t understand something, they ask. They are aware of the quality of the product and do a great job taking ownership of the whole product, not just the piece of the project they’ve been asked to test.

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We Learned A Lot From You

We appreciate all the TESTCo team did for us:

  1. The rate at which you picked up the product,
  2. The communication,
  3. The commitment displayed and the investment TESTCo made in us – you are the kind of partners we want. You guys made us better and I wonder how much more can you do for us

Is was a difficult exercise, and not always fun, but we learned a lot from you.

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