The importance of setting quality goals that align with business objectives.

TESTCo set an excellent precedent for attention to detail, clearly demonstrated the value of QA early in the development lifecycle, and emphasized the importance of setting quality goals that align with business objectives.

– Ella G., Cardata

I can focus now on customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

We were about to launch, so we wanted to get it tested. Our main concern was figuring out what we were missing and coverage across browsers because that is a lot of work to get through. We have a small team, and the internal resources to test wouldn’t be testing full-time.

That’s why we reached out to TESTCo. You guys were thorough and very methodical. Proactively identifying issues, especially some of the security things. I feel pretty good about the help received, especially the feedback on test cases missing from our test suite. We want to do things very well, I think that was accomplished, and it also helps with the investors.

I can focus now on customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

Ivan Z.

Indispensable to meeting delivery dates

TESTCo allows us to work on multiple branches/versions of software without jeopardizing delivery dates communicated last year. With TESTCo team we are able to get better regression test coverage and have the team focused on priorities and high-risk items.

I appreciate all the work the TESTCo team has been doing. We would not be able to commit to the release schedule we have without your help.

Yelena G.

Salient Systems

Take product to market

We want to thank you for your services over the last 6 months. The UI, functional, and regression testing you’ve provided has REALLY helped us take this product to market.

I Loved The Video Evidence of Defects

I think TESTCo did an excellent job, communication was good and responsive.

The defects that they found give me confidence that they were doing a good job. The information provided was transparent. It was obvious the team was doing the work, so I didn’t have to worry about it. I loved the videos with defect evidence that shows me how to reproduce the defect exactly, that was really important and useful. Everything TESTCo promised they delivered.

Simply Delighted.

I couldn’t be more pleased. TESTCo exceeded my expectations. I was worried about stability of a complex new website for a client. TESTCo stepped in with a test plan that was in tune with my requirements and limitations. I received status reports every day, and received very clear bug reports.

Super Flexible

The team did great, the project went well and they were super flexible.

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Above and Beyond

TESTCo’s test engineers did a fantastic job of understanding our local marketing SaaS application in order to devise a test plan. They truly earned their title. The management team then worked with us to define the right level of QA for the project, and the engineers executed it on time while communicating all of the issues clearly.

Every issue reported had all of the information necessary to replicate it. Where functionality was lacking, they went above and beyond by suggesting improvements in a professional manner.

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Establish Metrics and Tracking

We are very happy with the work the TESTCo Team did for us. They identified and described defects in our product. They helped us establish the metrics and tracking we wanted, and they helped to formalize the testing and quality assurance processes we needed.

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Top Notch

Our experience with TESTCo was top notch! We got TESTCo on the job very late in the game for some functional testing. They picked up very quickly, and finished the job before the deadline and under budget! Karla and her team were a pleasure to deal with, and kept us in the loop multiple times a day. Can’t ask for anything more out of an IT company. Would highly recommend to anyone with testing needs!

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Three Reasons Why TESTCo

The three reasons I’m thrilled with our decision to use TESTCo: communication, comprehensiveness and team unity.

  1. The communication from the first call to the conclusion of our project for web application testing was as strong as I’ve ever experienced.
  2. The comprehensiveness of our offshore testing team was stunning. They understood our infrastructure quickly and they left no stone unturned.
  3. Most importantly: their approach to website QA galvanized my development team instead of ostracizing or criticizing them.
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