Working with TESTCo actually makes us more efficient.

The overall relationship we have with TESTCo has been extremely beneficial, and I feel like we have gotten great value from it.

It has always been difficult to work with offshore teams, as there has always been a communication issue, a time lag with communication, and difficulty understanding the product. The experience working with TESTCo team is anything but that; it’s been the opposite. Working with you actually makes us more efficient.

Having you on my team, working together and helping me reach my goals, is invaluable.

Indispensable to meeting delivery dates

TESTCo allows us to work on multiple branches/versions of software without jeopardizing delivery dates communicated last year. With TESTCo team we are able to get better regression test coverage and have the team focused on priorities and high-risk items.

I appreciate all the work the TESTCo team has been doing. We would not be able to commit to the release schedule we have without your help.

Yelena G.

Salient Systems

Increased Productivity of Engineers

Our experience with TESTCo has been very positive and they’ve added significant value to our company. A huge plus in working with them, and one of the main reasons they were selected, is that TESTCo manages the software QA testing team directly. This enables me to focus on the key components of development and software QA testing without having to spend time managing TESTCo’s QA engineers directly.

By using TESTCo to drive our software QA testing, we’ve dramatically increased the productivity of our engineers. Now they can spend more time focused on product development and receive almost immediate feedback on fixes needed since testing occurs overnight. Being able to complete software QA testing throughout the development process versus just testing at the end of each milestone has helped us to continually strengthen the quality of our product. In addition, the cost savings of working with TESTCo have been huge! Just for software regression testing on patches, TESTCo has saved us almost 150 hours of staff time over the course of a year- and that is just one aspect of the testing services we use

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Peace of Mind

We work with TESTCo because I did the research and found it to be the best option for our company at this point in our lifecycle.  We needed to be MS OEM certified ASAP and the TESTCo team was able to jump in and get it done. The process is not easy and TESTCo’s experience of having done it before was invaluable. Personally, TESTCo provides me with peace of mind.  I know when I request something to be tested it will be done quickly, done well, and done with a lot of attention to detail.

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Integrated Into Our Culture

We had a customer with a complex environment that needed both support and customization assistance quickly. This request was further complicated by the fact that expert resources and the customer resources were in a variety of global locations.

TESTCo provided staff with strong technical skills and the personality to propose creative solutions without waiting for direction. Hand-offs between folks around the organization were seamless.

I am most pleased with how easily the TESTCo staff have integrated into the Lombardi culture and their ability to work in an independent fashion. TESTCo required no handholding or remedial guidance. The entire group eats, drinks and breaths the company ethos.

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Fantastic Job

TESTCo has done a fantastic job managing this, oftentimes haphazard and disorganized, testing project. This was our first foray into outsourcing any testing and I am sure we will be using your services again when necessary.

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Objective Perspective

Working with TESTCo has been a very positive experience, they are methodical, report back promptly and are very accommodating. The staff is not only testing our software to determine that it works and meets specifications, but they are also thinking about how it may or may not meet customer requirements. Having the objective perspective that TESTCo contributes is supporting our goal of providing a high quality end product to our customers.

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A Pool of Trained Resources

TESTCo provides us with a pool of trained resources that gives us the flexibility to ramp up our software QA testing efforts on a very short notice. Not only are we getting good results but we are achieving a significant cost savings for our company by outsourcing our software QA testing needs to TESTCo.

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An Extension of Our Team

We have worked with other outside testing groups in the past, but the combination of really smart Test Engineers in Eastern Europe and a local manager makes the testing of new releases very efficient and cost-effective.

We have a very close working relationship where TESTCo is an extension of our own development team. Because they know our application and have built a test framework that fits our product, TESTCo’s software testing services are very effective in uncovering software defects prior to release. They have a dedicated team of very smart Test Engineers that work hard.

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Drive Costs Down

I’ve been very happy with TESTCo. Our TESTCo team members are sharp, technically savvy and committed to Surgient’s success, which are qualities we required. In addition, they’ve helped us drive costs down while enabling us to maintain the highest level of service for our customers.

We continue to work with TESTCo because of the consistent high quality product and the fact the TESTCo team feels more like a strategic business partner instead of a vendor. The primary value that TESTCo provides is a focus on helping my business succeed. By focusing on my success, the value of their staff extends well beyond the positive measurable ROI I receive each month.

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Great Help

We finished up with the team last Friday, and I just want to again compliment the team on their great help. They quickly picked up familiarity with the product line and helped us get through our testing.

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Synchronize Testing

I’ve been able to provide some simple guidelines and procedures to the team and they have returned valuable tests and have uncovered relevant defects.  They allow me to get a lot of manual testing done at once, and have helped synchronize testing efforts with the workflow in development.

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