Working with TESTCo actually makes us more efficient.

The overall relationship we have with TESTCo has been extremely beneficial, and I feel like we have gotten great value from it.

It has always been difficult to work with offshore teams, as there has always been a communication issue, a time lag with communication, and difficulty understanding the product. The experience working with TESTCo team is anything but that; it’s been the opposite. Working with you actually makes us more efficient.

Having you on my team, working together and helping me reach my goals, is invaluable.

Ship with confidence

A couple of years ago, we were forced to trim down testing resources, blocking our full velocity for new products or versions.  The reduction in resources gated our ability to launch new products. Last year we got back on track with automated test maintenance and other testing best practices. Now testing is going well, and the regression cycle has been reduced. Shortening the regression cycle allows us to push more things out quickly and be more aggressive with the scope. Getting back on track with thorough testing through best practices allows me to ship my products with confidence in their quality, and that’s a great feeling!

React Quickly

Working with TESTCo provides significant savings each year compared to paying in-house resources for software QA testing. The biggest value in working with TESTCo has come from their ability to react quickly to changing needs and be accommodating of our unique process and approach. Overall, we’ve been extremely satisfied!

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