Now we are receiving QA feedback in less than a day.

We were partners with another company that was providing us QA. They were clearly not prioritizing us for QA, and that caused us a bottleneck in QA. We were constantly waiting on QA rather than development. That was really slowing down our process, probably averaging 3 days, sometimes longer. As a result, I had to give my boss not very good answers, such as “The work is done, but we’re just waiting for someone else.”

Now that we are working with TESTCo, we feel like we are in a much better spot. I’ve been thrilled with TESTCo’s performance; since the first couple of sprints, it was clear that QA was no longer the bottleneck. Now we are receiving QA feedback in less than a day.

I also appreciate their flexibility; even when tickets don’t get to QA as fast as we wanted them to, we know they will be ready when we need them.

Kenneth P.


More Than We Could Ask For

I think what you’re doing so far is more than we could ask for. We love it! Communication has been key and is great. Keep doing what you’re doing! You guys are awesome!

A Top Position in Store

Our app is second place in the store and happened because of the help of you, Karla and your team. I feel glad to have you guys as part of TIX ID.

Supported Our Business Goals

Definitely, TESTCo’s contribution supported our performance! Tix is number 2 in the Indonesia Play Store!

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Fast Response, Quick Adjustments

I appreciate the early validation work and all of the information that TESTCo team provides us.

Since you’ve been with us, you’ve always shown us the way you put your hard work and effort to get everything done smoothly.

Engineers’ curiosity, planning, and technical skills enabled fast response time and quick adjustments to the changes we did during the sprints. So I couldn’t expect anything better than what you guys always deliver to us.

Well, kudos to TESTCo QuriosAlways team!

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On Short Notice

TESTCo was able to supply test engineers on short notice allowing us to move fast. This would have not been possible with the local partners!

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You Guys Rocked

We have successfully published our mobile app to Google Play and iOS Store.

You guys rocked!

I will use you guys in the future when we have another big release.

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