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As a founder myself I know first-hand how agonizingly difficult it is to build and retain an A-team of talent to run and grow my business – to make my dream a reality. If you’ve started a company that develops mobile apps, software, or websites you’re feeling the same pain every day. The pain is especially acute in the area of QA services for small companies.

It’s not just the shortage of talent that’s the problem. It’s the shortage of smart talent. You know, the proactive problem solvers and opportunity achievers. The type of people that bring a lot to the table. In short, the A-team.

Putting All-Stars At Every Position

In 80% of the conversations I have with founders and CEOs they point with pride at the skills and innovativeness of their engineers. But when the conversation turns to their QA services team, whether internal or outsourced, the mood changes. By and large most founders believe they have competent people in the QA slots, but they don’t have enough A-players in those roles to take the QA function to the next level.

The really savvy founders I know understand that the dev cycle is streamlined in direct relation to just how sharp their QA team is and how well they work with Engineering. Those same founders know that the quality of their product becomes their brand and defines their dream. On the other hand,  bad reviews, poor customer loyalty, extensive support costs threaten to destroy their dream. No wonder a lack of QA talent causes more than a little anxiety for these folks.

Your Dream is My Dream

The dream I’ve built–my company–actually helps founders build and maintain their dreams by providing the smartest, most goal-driven QA service teams on the planet. Give me a shot at a project and if we don’t perform according to plan, you pay nothing. You understand correctly. That’s an old-fashioned money-back guarantee.

I’m not desperate for your business. I’m confident. Confident in the ability of my teams to delight.

You don’t hear the word “delight” associated with software QA much, do you? Well, that word and many like it surface in our customer reviews. Here are a few reviews from founders of small companies like you.

Attitude, Consistency, Intelligence - The TESTCo Difference

What makes TESTCo different? After all, the world is filled with software testers and outsourced QA services companies. Some of which even proclaim to serve small companies.

First, I like to describe us as a boutique software QA company. We’re not a QA factory. I have no interest in running that kind of business. We provide highly personalized services, crystal-clear communication, and top-drawer project leadership. (At affordable rates I should add). TESTCo's nimbleness and size dovetail well with small and mid-sized companies.

Second, I employ only A-team caliber people. My QA Managers (provided with every project at no additional cost) are brilliant at setting the right testing strategies to deliver value to you every day. They are true leaders.  Our Test Engineers are bonafide engineers who love to test. They don’t sit back and wait to be told what to do. No way. They work closely with the QA Manager to develop and implement the perfect test plan to achieve the project goal.

Third, we are awesome communicators. You receive status reports twice a day. My QA Managers participate in (and often lead) project postmortems. The feedback they provide to Engineering actually helps shorten the Dev cycle. The QA Managers are fluent in English. Plus we’re available to chat, email or talk when you are. TESTCo QA Managers are located in the Central time zone.

Fourth, we deliver expected results because the results are expected. That’s a clever way of saying we really excel at understanding the business goals (not just the testing goals) and creating test plans that support the business goals within the known restraints. Your team knows what to expect by when. And we deliver.

When was the last time you talked to a software tester who wanted to know about the business goals associated with the project? Never, right?

On-Demand, or On-Going QA Services for Small Companies on a Budget

Here's the other good thing about TESTCo QA services. On very little notice (often as little as one day's notice), we can parachute in to rescue a project. Even for small projects. The other way we provide value is to be an on-going extension of the QA team, or be the QA team for your organization. I have many clients who have relied on TESTCo for all of their testing requirements for years. They receive value, reliability, and intelligence all for 30% - 50% less than an internal team.

A-Players for QA. No Risk. Make the Call.

And that’s the primary difference between B- and C-level QA people and the A-team at TESTCo. We care a lot about your dream.

Earlier in the post I made an offer. I’ll make it again. Try us for a project. If we fail to perform according to the goals of the project, the work is free.

Go ahead, schedule a call with me to see if I stand behind my promises. I look forward to speaking with you – founder to founder. Just click the green button on this page to schedule a conversation. Talk to you soon.

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