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The Difference Between a Mobile Testing Strategy and a Mobile Testing Plan

There is a big difference between a mobile testing strategy and a mobile testing plan. If you know the difference, your mobile software testing will be much easier and more valuable.

There are a number of ways of defining a strategy. One of the definitions that we’ve found useful is:

“Identify assets that have advantages that you can put into coordinated action to achieve your goal

Or, said another way, list and organize everything you think you’ll need to achieve your mobile testing goal and why you think you need it.

Your goal should be clear enough that you can quickly see what is, and is not, relevant to achieving your goal.

For example, if your mobile testing goal is to release your game every week with new features and fixes, your strategy might be different from a goal to release a zero defect trading app. Already, you can start to see that you might need different Assets for each of those goals.

Your Goal Will Dictate Strategy

One of the first challenges in building your mobile testing strategy will be to clarify and tighten your mobile testing goal. Your goal should clearly show what is and is not important to include in your mobile testing strategy.

The biggest and best tool you can use to uncover gaps or weaknesses in your mobile testing goal will be relentless Critical Thinking Questions.

“Why is this important and what, exactly does it mean?” is one of the most powerful questions you can ask about your mobile testing goal.

For example, which devices should you test against? The answer depends on which devices your current customers or prospects are most likely to be using. You know that mobile apps behave differently on different devices and operating systems, right? You won’t be able to afford to test against every device out there – you’re going to have to make some assumptions and then test their validity.

The more you can refine your mobile testing goal by clearly understanding what is directly relevant (need to have) and which things are “nice to have”, the more effective your mobile testing strategy will be.

A List of Things to Decide for Your Mobile Testing Strategy

Since you’ve made it this far, you probably realize that your questions are far more important than your answers!

Here is a list of questions that you can use to help you narrow your focus and build an effective mobile testing strategy:

  1. Which devices are important to my target audience?
  2. Do I have to have the real device or can I use an emulator?
  3. Can I use a tool for testing and do I have the experience to use it properly? Which tool will meet my needs and how can I tell that?
  4. What network connectivity is required for my app? Wifi? Cellular Data?
  5. Which parts should be automated testing and which should be manual testing? What’s the proper balance and how will I know?
  6. Will I need performance testing for my mobile app? Why would I need performance testing and which parts of my mobile app are subject to
  7. network congestion?
  8. What are the security requirements for my mobile app and how do they need to be tested? What is the probability and impact of a security
  9. breach of my mobile application?
  10. What sort of UX testing do I need and who is best qualified to give UX feedback on my mobile app?

Whew! Those are not easy questions!

And yet, you do need to know those answers if you want to avoid a “just get it tested” type of strategy.

So, is there an easy way to get started and build a great mobile testing strategy?

Start with a Free Scoping Session with Me

I know, that sounds generous and it is.

And, we can do that for and with you in one of our standard 60-90 minute Scoping Sessions.

Most of our clients and prospects don’t have a quality goal prior to meeting with us. Only one or two have ever had a quality strategy when they first came to us.

So, we’ve become very adept at helping our clients and prospects define their quality goal and build an effective testing strategy.

We do this by gently asking you a lot of questions. Sure, we want to know the details about your mobile app and how you want it tested. We can and will do that for you.

And, we want to make sure we provide you with everything you need to achieve your goal. So, the first thing we do for you is clearly define your goal and then propose a couple of different strategies for you to consider. We’ll always recommend at least one of the strategies but we want you to know that there are different ways to achieve your goals and that you have the last word on how we work for you to achieve your goal.

If you’re curious about how a mobile testing strategy can improve your mobile app testing, achieve your goals and build your business stronger, please reach out and let’s talk about how we might help you. Send the form on this page to schedule a call, or give me a shout now at 888.254.9709 .


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