Checklist for Finding the Best Software Testing Company

Checklist for Finding the Best Software Testing Company

After your web search for a software testing company reveals a long list of company names, how do you select the one that is right for your business? Here’s some guidelines and a check list.

How to Initially Screen Software Testing Companies

You may or may not know exactly what you need.  If you do, then please skip to How to Select a Software Testing Company. If you’re not sure what you need, then please read on.

First, do your choices have references and testimonials from clients where they solved a similar problem? Take note of where they solved a business problem, not just a software testing problem.

Next, do they share their knowledge? Knowledge sharing is an important indicator of where the software testing company believes their value lies. If they share software testing knowledge and know-how with you then they are likely a company that values their people and commitments more than their intellectual property. If they don’t share their knowledge of software testing with you, then they probably value their intellectual property more than their people and commitments.

Lastly, is software testing their primary focus? Many companies provide a wide variety of technical services – everything from ITIL to software development to business processing outsourcing. Unfortunately, software testing is seen as a commodity by many people.  We have found that many outsourced technical companies that offer software testing along with a variety of other services tend to see software testing as a commodity as well.  This leads to their top talent and most attention going to somewhere other than software testing. That may be fine to build a business but it probably won’t be your best choice to solve your current software testing and business problem.

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How to Select a Software Testing Company

By now you should have a handful of good choices that you are confident in. According to your research each company on your short list

  • Has solved similar problems successfully in the past,
  • Has shared their knowledge about software testing with you,
  • Has focused on software testing as a priority

Now, how to select the winner.

A Check List for Selecting the Best Software Testing Company

  1. Do they perform an effective needs analysis? Do they ask you and then clearly understand why you need help, your business goals related to this problem and the constraints you have? This needs analysis should take no more than about 30 minutes over the phone. If you aren’t convinced they clearly understand your problem then you should move on with another choice.
  2. Do they offer smart choices and benefits? Since they understand your problem, goals and constraints, do they offer and explain the selection of choices they can offer and how each can solve your problem? If not, then you should move on.
  3. Do they answer all your questions? Are the answers clear and relevant to your situation? Do they seek additional questions from you or avoid them trying to close the deal? If you aren’t convinced these are the most curious creatures on the planet (all great software Test Engineers are hugely curious!) then you should move on.
  4. Do they make it easy to get started? Software Testing is one of the few technical activities that can begin almost immediately. But, without a good understanding of your business and technical problems, that testing may not produce the outcome you need. Gaining this understanding has to be done quickly and effectively so that time and budget constraints are met. They can’t go off to “train on your app” for a couple days. Are you confident that they know how to get your team producing real value as quickly as possible without taking a bunch of your time? If not, then you should move on.
  5. Do they clearly distinguish the value? Business is a game of value creation and transfer. Your software produces real problem-solving value for your customers. That’s why they keep buying it. Software testing is not just maid service for the coders! Software testing and quality assurance activities confirm and deliver the real value of your software application. If your software testing company prospect can’t clearly explain how this happens so that you see real value, then you should probably move on.

It is a simple checklist but it’s a tough one to pass.  If you make it through every step with a software testing company your odds are high that you’ve of identified the best software testing company for your business.

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Is On Demand Software Testing Different from Offshore Software Testing?

On Demand Software Testing is simply a smart implementation of offshore software testing. The traditional offshore software testing model consisted of the complex and risky process finding, selecting and managing a team of people in an offshore testing company another country with the hope that you could save some money. Most research shows that the odds of meeting your quality, production and cost savings goals were slim to none.

Should We Go for On Demand Software Testing or Offshore Testing?

Nevertheless, if you are big enough and have a sufficient number of people with the skills and time to find, select and manage an offshore software testing team, then this is probably a good strategy – you can negotiate lower costs and then use your stateside team to put pressure on meeting the quality and productivity goals. If you aren’t big enough to have that many people with that much extra time then On Demand Software Testing may be a better approach. On Demand Software Testing does typically use offshore software testing teams but is delivered in a different manner where we are responsible for finding, selecting and managing the offshore software testing team and you only need to tell us what you want and how you want it delivered. Does it cost more? Sure it does if you only look at the hourly rate. Is it more cost effective? We think so, especially when measured by total dollars spent Vs real value delivered and your time spent.

The TESTCo On Demand Software Testing Difference

If you find yourself needing help with offshore testing but not having enough people to turn that need into a big project, then TESTCo’s On Demand Software Testing may be the best answer for your offshore software testing needs.