Is On Demand Software Testing Different from Offshore Software Testing?

On Demand Software Testing is simply a smart implementation of offshore software testing. The traditional offshore software testing model consisted of the complex and risky process finding, selecting and managing a team of people in an offshore testing company another country with the hope that you could save some money. Most research shows that the odds of meeting your quality, production and cost savings goals were slim to none.

Should We Go for On Demand Software Testing or Offshore Testing?

Nevertheless, if you are big enough and have a sufficient number of people with the skills and time to find, select and manage an offshore software testing team, then this is probably a good strategy – you can negotiate lower costs and then use your stateside team to put pressure on meeting the quality and productivity goals. If you aren’t big enough to have that many people with that much extra time then On Demand Software Testing may be a better approach. On Demand Software Testing does typically use offshore software testing teams but is delivered in a different manner where we are responsible for finding, selecting and managing the offshore software testing team and you only need to tell us what you want and how you want it delivered. Does it cost more? Sure it does if you only look at the hourly rate. Is it more cost effective? We think so, especially when measured by total dollars spent Vs real value delivered and your time spent.

The TESTCo On Demand Software Testing Difference

If you find yourself needing help with offshore testing but not having enough people to turn that need into a big project, then TESTCo’s On Demand Software Testing may be the best answer for your offshore software testing needs.

On Demand Software Testing Company Develops New Business Model


Austin-based TESTCo now offers faster on demand software testing service to help with cash flow in smaller companies.

Austin, TX – March 30, 2009 – As the recession reaches more and more companies each day, Austin-based TESTCo, a premier Software QA Testing company, has restructured the way it does business in order to accommodate small businesses at an economic crossroads facing layoffs and tighter cash flow, the company announced today.
With innovations like On Demand Software Testing, TESTCo has streamlined its testing process to meet the needs of fast moving businesses and companies that find themselves with too few people to complete their software projects on time.  Now, instead of taking two weeks to create a solid team of testers, it takes only one day.
That has allowed the On Demand Software Testing company to slice what used to be a two month testing process down to just five days.
“The weakening economy has put enormous pressures on businesses to do more, fast with even less,” says Jeff Hotz, president and CEO of TESTCo.  “For us, it was a wakeup call to see what needed to be done differently to make a difference for more businesses, and amazingly, it has helped us and our clients thrive.”
Now, the On Demand Software Testing company is also catering to businesses other than software companies with needs that didn’t seem to exist before.  Hotz says he noticed that businesses needed to move quickly to cut expenses, generate revenue and create cash flow, so he adapted to the economic environment and created a different business model.
“Success in this market requires that we get money moving again and our clients can’t afford to have their customers wait.  With our new offering, we’re able to immediately be part of the solution,” says Hotz.
As TESTCo found the new on demand software testing niche in its industry, the company also realized there was a growing base of non-software companies creating software.  Hotz cites a recent client like New York Magazine.  The publication, just like many media outlets, uses customized software to provide online access and information for their subscribers.  The magazine turned to TESTCo for its On Demand Software Testing abilityies when it needed to increase the pace at which it builds and releases new business capabilities.
“TESTCO was crucial to meeting our project goals and deadlines,” say Apaar Trivedi, senior software engineer for New York Magazine.  “Even though I was too busy to provide proper direction to the testing team, they were able to get started on their own, create test plans based on what I wanted and deliver results from day one.  As the testing needs of the project grew, TESTCo was easily able to grow with us.”
Even in the current struggling economic environment, TESTCO On Demand Software Testing continues to grow as a business itself.
The Austin Business Journal recently honored the On Demand Software Testing company with the distinction of being on of its ‘Fast 50’ companies based on the company’s astounding 241% revenue growth from 2005 – 2007.
“Changing with the demands of an ever-changing economic climate has been one of our best move, yet.  Our On Demand Software Testing now costs less, requires fewer people and provides real value the very first day,” say Hotz.

About TESTCo: Austin-based TESTCo was founded in 2002 by Jeff Hotz as an On Demand Software Testing firm, specializing in manual and automated testing for carefully selected customers around the world. TESTCo customers eliminate software testing problems, slash support costs by up to 50% and achieve their release date commitments … all without the risk of hunting down the best offshore vendor, the pain and frustration of learning how to properly manage them and the unpredictable results so common with most offshore vendors. TESTCo’s On Demand Software Testing services guarantee ensures that clients have trained, experienced, and managed test engineers working to meet their release date and quality commitments in less than one business day.

TESTCo provides On Demand Software Testing; contact us to get started on your On Demand Software Testing project today!