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The Mobile App Testing Lessons Learned in 2018

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The market for mobile applications is continually shifting. Failure to get it right, the first time, and keep it right, results in pretty severe consequences. In 2018, TESTCo ran tens of thousands of tests on our clients’ mobile applications. Here’s what we learned. Plus, I’ve included a link to our Mobile App Testing Checklist.

Lesson #1 – Quality Matters in Reviews

The quality of your mobile app will directly influence your app’s ratings and reviews. Users definitely use the ratings and reviews to determine if they should download and use your app. Poor ratings and reviews, especially regarding quality, will cause users to avoid your mobile app.

Improving ratings and reviews, especially pointing out improvements in your mobile app, will cause users to give your app a try. Ratings matter and the quality (of lack thereof) have a big impact on the quality and quantity of your reviews.

Lesson #2 – Choose Your Test Devices and Browsers Carefully

There is no single reference page for determining which devices, operating systems and browsers have the most market penetration. Nobody really knows how many people are actually using any particular flavor of mobile device or operating system. You can’t test every one so how will you know which to test and which to avoid? If you test the wrong group of devices and browsers, you’ll have defects.

Lesson #3 – Don’t Stop! Keep Going! But Not Too Much!

The mobile app market is moving quickly and still gaining steam. Without a real and almost daily need to use your mobile app, users will quickly forget about your value proposition and move on to another offering or app.

If you refresh you mobile app, your users will fall in love with you all over again. Except! Not too often. Too many upgrades and your mobile app users will avoid your updates and miss your new value propositions/features or become confused and delete your app because it appears buggy.

The Preventable Reason Mobile Apps Fail

Mobile apps are almost a strict business requirement – like a web page for a business but harder and more expensive to maintain. They also allow you and your business value proposition to sit, literally, in the pocket of your customers! Get it right and your cash register will ring. Miss a few steps or deliver poor quality and they’ll slide right by and go to your competitor.

Give your innovation a chance to succeed. The #1 reason that mobile apps fail is poor testing. We can help you do it right the first time.

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