QA Software Testing Services

What is the Right Way to Think About QA Software Testing Services?

If you’re looking for help with QA software testing services, then this short guide may help you find and get exactly what you need and avoid wasting your time.

We look at QA testing services as having three different levels:

  1. Strategic
  2. Project
  3. Tactical

Strategic QA Software Testing Services – What the Boss Cares About

If you’re wondering how software QA can help you grow your business faster with greater profits, then strategic QA services is what you’re looking for. When we help our clients with software QA as part of their business strategy, we primarily focus on resources and leverage. We help them look at their software QA investments (people, tools and processes) in a way that allows them to continually identify and improve specific returns – retention, productivity and quality.

Frankly, most people aren’t looking for this when they first call us, but we include elements of strategic QA testing services in every engagement and project. This is a natural part of the work and value our QA Managers provide to our clients.

Project QA Software Testing Services – What the Project Manager Cares About

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get that project fixed, finished, and launched, then project QA testing services is what you’re looking for. Finishing software projects with a reasonable level of quality is easy. But, reasonable quality usually means “Google Beta” quality: There will be bugs; we both know it, and we agree not to complain about them.

That’s probably fine if you’re Google launching a Beta product or you don’t really care if your software project is commercially viable.

However, if you are concerned about the quality of your software project, then you’ve some testing work ahead of you.

In most cases, our clients know what they want but either aren’t sure how to get there or don’t have the time or talent to achieve their goals. When we work with clients on project QA testing services, we help them in three distinct ways.

  1. We build a QA Plan that matches their goals, constraints, and timeline. We plan our work and then work our plan.
  2. We measure and adjust twice daily. Software projects are dynamic creatures and QA testing services are near the end of a long train. Our willingness and ability to self-assess twice daily allows us to match our work to your delivery schedule, not the other way around.
  3. We deliver value, not just find defects. We will find the bugs in your software. Then, we’ll help you start to see how they can be prevented and avoided in the future.

Tactical QA Software Testing Services- What the QA Manager Cares About

If you’re looking for a specific technique, talent or experience, to solve a specific QA problem, then you’re looking for tactical QA testing services. Some examples include Test Automation with Selenium, Load and Performance Testing, Cross Browser Testing and Regression Testing.

This approach tells us that you already have your software QA under control and are just looking to solve a specific problem. We have these talented test engineers and do this type of work frequently. If you’re looking for tactical QA Testing Services, it will be very beneficial if you’ve done some homework ahead of time so we can quickly understand exactly what you need and need to avoid. We can usually have a test engineer working on your project within a day or so of your request.

Getting More for Less

Although we look at QA Software Testing Services as 3 levels, you can and should expect to get more than just one – even if that’s all you really need.

For example, if you need help maintaining your test automation scripts (Tactical QA), you should also expect to be given some recommendations on how to manage this within your usual QA project so you can avoid maintenance lags in the future (Project QA). You should also expect to receive some advice on how you can maximize your returns and reduce your costs in the future (Strategic QA).

If you need help getting your project fixed, finished and launched (Project QA), you should also expect some detailed recommendations on tools and tactics that can improve your speed and quality (Tactical QA). You might also expect to receive recommendations on how to embed QA in the “front” part of your future projects as a way to reduce your QA time and increase the productivity of your developers.

Looking at QA from different standpoints can give you a better perspective on getting the most value for your time, money and effort.

Value and QA Software Testing Services

It can be a challenge to determine if you’re going to get the value you need from QA Software Testing Services. Here are 3 things you can think about before seeking software testing help that will help you make the best choice for you:

  1. What is your goal? Yes, “doing the testing” is important and you want that but, that’s the activity, not the goal. What does “doing the testing” do for you, your software project and your company? Eliminate bugs? Launch on time? Release every month? If we know your goal, we can build a simple strategy for you that will “do the testing” and accomplish your goal!
  2. What are your constraints? Yes, you have a limited budget. We all do! If you’re up-front and let us know, then we can craft a solution that achieves your goal and within your budget. But, there are other things that are constraints, too. How much time do you have left? Do you need automation and manual testing? Do you have a list of old mobile devices that you need covered? List them all so we can build a strategy and plan that meets all of your needs.
  3. What is your culture & environment? If we know *how* you work then we can adapt to match your style. Nothing is worse than a “stranger” coming into your house and not knowing if you’re a “shoes ON OK” or “shoes OFF ALWAYS” kind of house. We can achieve your goals for you even if we don’t know your style but it sure makes everyone happier we we do!

Unfortunately, these three critical items aren’t usually discussed in the phone calls where you’re looking for your next QA Software Testing Services partner. Don’t worry though, we’ll ask them even if you forget!

One Outsourced QA Company That Excels at All Three Levels

Software QA testing services covers a lot of ground. If you can take the time to understand the nature of your software QA needs, TESTCo is an outsourced software QA company that can quickly adjust and work with you to provide you the level of QA software testing services you need to achieve your goals.


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