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Three Criteria to Select the Best Software App Testing Company

It seems there is a new software app testing company born every week. That can be good or bad depending on your situation.

It’s good in that newer companies can bring innovation and higher levels of customer service to a very mature market. This can give you a broader set of choices to meet your unique needs.

It’s bad in that there are so many choices! Pages and pages of them and then more websites to help you evaluate their particulars. It’s been proven that too many choices can actually make it harder to make a wise choice.

Three Criteria for Selecting a Software App Testing Company

Here are three criteria you can use to help you select the best software app testing company for your current situation.

  1. What are your goals and how can the testing company help you achieve them? You have a goal – launch on time, with zero defects. Your’s may be a little different. Does your software app testing company have a QA strategy that can achieve your goal? Have them show/tell you that strategy and why they think it is the best way to achieve your goals.
  2. What are your constraints and can they still help you achieve your goals within those constraints? You have a constraint – most likely budget. You probably have a time constraint as well. Can your software app testing company demonstrate a plan to use their strategy to achieve your goals *within* the constraints? Or, are you going to get a nasty little surprise right before the deadline?
  3. Sure, they can all test, but can they improve your situation and make it easier for you in the future? Okay, they can achieve your goal within your constraints. When they leave at the end of the project, do you have some tools and processes to make it easier for you the next time? They can be as simple as a leaner routine to collect and report a more accurate project status. They can be as powerful as an open source requirements/defect tracking if you didn’t have one already. And, they can be as subtle as a new way to record and report defects that makes them 100% actionable when they wind up in a developer’s work queue.

You have a huge variety of choices when you select a software app testing company to help you complete and release your software project. Making a wise choice will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars that a poor choice will cost you.

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Bonus – Three Traps to Avoid when Selecting a Software App Testing Company

So, you’re clear on your goals and constraints. You’re on the alert for how your choice of a software app testing company can improve your situation now and in the future.

Now, be on the alert for these three common traps:

  1. Price Vs. Cost – Seeking the lowest hourly rate – their price – can lead you into a trap where the hourly rate is low but your project cost is high. This can happen when your software app testing company struggles to attract and find top quality software testing talent. They might also possibly be testers that were originally software developers but weren’t good enough. Be on the alert for “too good to be true” hourly pricing.
  2. Missing Manager – software app testing companies can also reduce their hourly rates by “body shopping”. This occurs when you rent or lease a person’s time to perform tasks for you. One of the most common ways to reduce the price of a tester is to eliminate any management oversight or coaching. You get the tester and that’s it. This may or may not work well for you. If you’re an experienced QA Manager with plenty of experience managing remote teams, this might work for you. If you’re not experienced with outsourced testing or QA, you might be disappointed when you find out that you’re going to need to manage and task this person every day.
  3. Testers Vs Test Engineers – it is very common to find “testers” available to help you at a relatively low cost. This might work for you if your software app is simple and you already have a QA Strategy, Test Plan and Test Cases. A “tester” can probably run those test cases for you. If you have anything other than a very simple app or don’t have a QA Strategy, Test Plan and Test Cases, hiring a “tester” will lead you to disappointment. Only a Test Engineer is educated and experienced in the art and science of software testing and quality assurance.

If you are on the alert for these Three Software Testing Traps, you’ll make a better decision with a higher degree of certainty. That’s what you’re looking for, right – a Certainty of Success?

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