Software Automated Testing for Business Risk Mitigation

You worry about your business every day. Do you worry about the software that runs your business every day? Testing the software that makes your business run makes good business sense. You give employees performance reviews. It’s time to test the performance of your mission critical software too. In many cases software automated testing can be used to ensure top performance.

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If you’re in business then you almost certainly have software of some kind. It may be a simple store front eCommerce application or it may be a large and complex order processing system. Either way, I bet there are times you wonder and worry about your software. Will it work okay for everyone all the time?  Will it crash under a high load of customers? What if a new prospect can’t get what they need?

But, what if you didn’t have to wonder and worry? What if you could know, at any time, how your software is working and performing? What other (better) purposes would you use your thinking time for?

Most small and medium sized businesses do not invest in software quality. Most large companies invest heavily in software quality. The failure rate for small and medium sized businesses is approximately 50% after 5 years. The failure rate for large companies?  Almost Zero! Is investing in software quality the cause for this?  I doubt it. But, consider that a broken ecommerce or order processing system can definitely cause your business to fail.

We’ve shared a lot about what we’ve learned about this type of software testing. Here are more of our thoughts about software test automation.

Manual and Automated Software Testing for SMBs

Generally speaking, there are two aspects of software quality that are important to small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Does it work right when it is first built?
  2. Does it continue working properly as time goes by?

Item #1 can be addressed by using a dedicated software testing team to work with your team during the time you are building, improving or upgrading your software.

Item #2 can be address by using automated software testing that monitors the performance and accuracy of your software over time as you make enhancements and take upgrades.

The typical budget for investing in software quality using either functional software testing or software test automation is about 15% of your total project budget.

From a risk premium standpoint, 15% may appear to be large, but when you consider the consequences of a software failure and losing business during the down time, it may be a worthwhile investment.

If you wonder and worry about your software and how it will impact your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to share what we’ve learned over the past 13 years of automated software testing, manual software testing and outsourced quality assurance.

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