Software Testing Quality Assurance Tactics and Strategy

Consider that software testing and quality assurance are a tactic to achieve a strategy. The purpose of software testing is twofold. One aspect is to test the software and provide feedback to the software development team on defects. Another aspect of software testingis to provide a set of metrics for the activities and accuracy of the software testing efforts.

Quality assurance is the strategy that is used to meet business goals – a quality of X with features of Y that produces sales of Z. Quality assurance is not a goal, rather it is a strategy to achieve a goal. Software testing and quality assurance go hand in glove to help business decision makers meet their goals.  There are many avenues you can pursue to ensure that your clients and customers receive what they need, making your business sustainable.

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Website QA Gives Confidence

Website QA is an often overlooked aspect of Web Testing as new websites are launched or existing websites updated. Website User Interface capabilities are expanding every day with new technologies that allow browser based websites to behave as if they are desktop applications.

The challenge with web testing that we see is that all browsers do not behave and interpret the code in the same manner. This can lead to visual distortions or usability errors on your website. Today’s web based user has a very short attention span and any problems with readability or usability can cause them to quickly abandon your website. Website QA can provide a quick, easy and inexpensive check to insure that your new or updated website behaves properly in all of the web browsers that are important to you and your customers.

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Is On Demand Software Testing Different from Offshore Software Testing?

On Demand Software Testing is simply a smart implementation of offshore software testing. The traditional offshore software testing model consisted of the complex and risky process finding, selecting and managing a team of people in an offshore testing company another country with the hope that you could save some money. Most research shows that the odds of meeting your quality, production and cost savings goals were slim to none.

Should We Go for On Demand Software Testing or Offshore Testing?

Nevertheless, if you are big enough and have a sufficient number of people with the skills and time to find, select and manage an offshore software testing team, then this is probably a good strategy – you can negotiate lower costs and then use your stateside team to put pressure on meeting the quality and productivity goals. If you aren’t big enough to have that many people with that much extra time then On Demand Software Testing may be a better approach. On Demand Software Testing does typically use offshore software testing teams but is delivered in a different manner where we are responsible for finding, selecting and managing the offshore software testing team and you only need to tell us what you want and how you want it delivered. Does it cost more? Sure it does if you only look at the hourly rate. Is it more cost effective? We think so, especially when measured by total dollars spent Vs real value delivered and your time spent.

The TESTCo On Demand Software Testing Difference

If you find yourself needing help with offshore testing but not having enough people to turn that need into a big project, then TESTCo’s On Demand Software Testing may be the best answer for your offshore software testing needs.

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Offshore Testing

A Unique Offshore Testing Company

At some point, almost every company finds themselves faced with this problem:

  1. You need to test, fix and launch your new software version, website or mobile application to grow your business and achieve your goals.
  2. You don’t have enough time or talent to get it all tested with your internal team – or maybe you don’t have an internal team and the developers don’t really like to test.
  3. You decide to seek help from an offshore testing company.
  4. You Google “Offshore Testing” and start sending contact forms.
  5. You get to participate in lots of “yeah, we do that too” conversations while talking with companies that actually do much more software development than testing. ( Sure, they have some testers and will sell you as many as you need).
  6. You’re left feeling misunderstood and “sold” without a real solution to your problem.

That’s probably not what you want and it definitely won’t solve the problem you have right now.

What You Probably Want from Offshore Testing

We’ve been providing offshore testing since 2002 and have helped hundreds of software projects, just like yours. This is what we’ve learned that you want:

  1. You want us to clearly understand your team and your project:
    • The technical work you want done so we assign the right experts,
    • Your software development process and cycle so we don’t interrupt and add noise,
    • And your business/project goals so we optimize our work to deliver the most value towards your goal.
  2. You want us to dig deep and advise you:
    • You want more than “run some tests,”
    • You want a Test Engineer who will think hard and dig deeply to find the bugs that hurt your customers,
    • You want recommendations on how we can help you avoid them in the future.
  3. You want us to communicate clearly and effectively:
    • Like Goldilocks – just enough – so that we provide you all the real-time info you need to make smart decisions about our project,
    • But without adding noise and unnecessary meetings to your already over-booked schedule.
  4. You want us to deliver on our promises and give you Real Value:
    • You want to count on us to hit our deliverables on time and,
    • Do what we say without having to check up on us or answer questions you’ve already answered.
  5. You want us to honor our pricing and proposals:
    • Nobody wants a budget surprise near the end of a project because of a bad estimate or forgotten specification – so we promise we won’t leave you hanging with a surprise.
    • If we miss an estimate, we’ll make up the difference and honor our original proposal. (More on this point at the end of this post).

All this requires a talented team of Test Engineers and QA Managers.

Cheap offshore testing won’t and can’t deliver what you want.

The Problem with Testers for Offshore Testing

The problem, as we see it, with that type of approach you typically end up with the “second string” testers. You know, the people who weren’t really good enough for the A-List software development team but who make reasonably good software testers. This problem gets compounded when testers are not managed effectively – and “testers” require a lot of your management time. Cheap testers can and will do what they are told, but they typically fail to deliver real and immediate value when given a broad set of directives instead of a clear and finite list of testing tasks. Testers will also need additional training time in order to be effective with a new software application.

Testers can run tests for you and then wait for you to tell them what to do next. Test Engineers understand software quality and can build and execute a software testing strategy and plan to achieve your goal – without you telling them what to do every day.

On the other hand, insisting on Test Engineers for your offshore testing needs almost always succeeds – even under the most difficult and challenging situations. Add a QA Manager to help the Test Engineers build effective strategies and plans and you have a powerful software offshore testing team to achieve your goals and launch your software on time.

Missing QA Managers = Missing Value

Most offshore testing companies don’t have the ability to add a QA Manager to your project because their rates are too low or they lack the talent because they just sell testers.

A QA Manager on your offshore testing project can mean the difference between “getting some testing” and “achieving your goals”. TESTCo provides a QA Manager on EVERY project because we’re committed to achieving your goals.

Here’s where a QA Manager on your project makes a difference.

  1. QA Managers ensure that the business and technical value you’re seeking are delivered.
  2. QA Managers evaluate QA Strategies and help build QA and Test Plans for Test Engineers to execute.
  3. QA Managers work with you to customize our offshore testing work and outcomes to your unique project and development methodology.
  4. QA Managers ensure that you are completely informed about our progress on a twice-daily basis so that we’re always focused on your most immediate needs.

Add a QA Manager to help the Test Engineers build effective QA strategies and test plans and you have a powerful offshore testing team to achieve your goals and launch your software on time.

TESTCo is a different kind of offshore software testing company. Since we ONLY provide software testing, we ONLY hire and train Software Testing Engineers. We think this makes a huge difference and our clients agree.

Call me, if you want to talk about your next testing project.  888.254.9709  Or, ask to schedule a time to talk with me by clicking the green and blue button at the top right of the page.

A Final Word About Honoring Our Promises

You want your software project tested to find the bugs and defects. Behind that, though, you want to remove risk from your plan to achieve your goals – and your software project is a critical part of achieving your business goals.

The last thing you need during your software project’s offshore testing phase is more risk. Quite often, an offshore testing company will give you a project proposal that is too small to achieve your goals but that catches your attention because it is the cheapest. The problem with this approach is that it will probably catch you by surprise when you least expect it – near the end of your testing project. The testing won’t be enough and you’ll be surprised and disappointed.

At TESTCo, we honor our promises and our proposals. When we prepare a proposal/estimate, we consider your goals and constraints and then evaluate at least three different software testing strategies. We include our strategy analysis in our proposal so you can see exactly how we propose to successfully complete your project.

But, sometimes people make mistakes and we overlook a critical item and our proposal/estimate will be too small to successfully complete your project within your budget. It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. If and when this does happen, we’ll honor our original proposal. Our job is to remove risk, not add more risk. We do this by honoring our promises and proposals to you.

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