project for software testing

Project for Software Testing

How can you get help with a project for software testing when you’re not a big software company or sizzling startup?  Can you get the same quality of software testing services that the “Big Guys” and “Cool Kids” get?

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Three Great Criteria for Selecting the Best Partner for a Software Testing Project

  1. Safe – chose a partner for your software testing project that has experience working with clients like you. Look at their client list and testimonials. If they serve customers like GE, Amazon or eBay then they probably don’t have what you need.
  2. Easy – chose a software testing company that makes it easy to work with them. Do they respond to your inquiry quickly? Do they explain their services in terms that you can understand? Do they deliver the value you really need?  You can discover all of this in a quick 5-10 minute phone conversation.
  3. Reliable – will your chosen software testing company be there when you need them?  You might need them tonight and you might need them in “about a couple weeks”.  Either way, will the software testing team you talked with be the same team you get on your project for software testing?

Project for Software Testing or Outsourced QA Support

Making a smart choice for your software testing project can be a challenge. But, if you know (and try) these three simple software company selection criteria, you’ll save time right now and you’ll save money on your software testing project.

At TESTCo, we believe in honoring promises and delivering safe, easy and reliable value. This is as true for our on-demand software testing as it is for our long-term outsourced QA services.

Feel free to chat with us at any time about your project for software testing – big or small.