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Software Testing Companies and Software Testing Tools

Competition between software testing companies is fierce! There’s no better place to see the battle being waged than the front page of Google.  Search for any software testing related search term – especially software testing tools – and you’ll quickly get bombarded with “Me Too!  Look At My Tools!”

Just because a worker’s tool belt is full of tools, it doesn’t make them an expert – not even close.

Software testing tools are a fantastic leverage point for getting more software testing completed in shorter times for less money (faster, better, cheaper).

But, only if they are used for their intended purpose and by someone who has at least a couple successful projects completed.

Otherwise, you just wind up with a situation where “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” syndrome.

Don’t Gauge Software Testing Companies by the Tools They Use

  1. Your Tool May Not Work – Most test automation tools favor or REQUIRE a certain technology stack.  If your’s doesn’t match, your tool and project will fail.
  2. Your Tool Handler May Use It Wrong – Just because someone has used a hammer, doesn’t make them a carpenter. Most software testing tools have 2 layers, beginner and advanced. Either way, without proper training and at least a couple successful projects under their belt, your chance of success on YOUR project is low as the tool handler is learning on your dime.
  3. Your Tool Works but Doesn’t Solve the Problem – Test case management tools are great for organizing a bunch of test cases and test plans. But, if it doesn’t also provide the metrics you need to measure quality, it won’t solve your problem.
  4. Your Tools Works AND Solves the Problem but Costs Too Much – This is how most software test automation projects end up – languishing in the background because they person who built it isn’t around anymore to maintain it. You did consider the cost of maintaining your test automation didn’t you?
  5. And Causes Other Problems Later – Test Case Management systems are prone to this issue. They work great at the beginning.  So great that they become integral to your project management and quality assurance procedures. But, because they tend to be tuned to support one development methodology or another (Scrum, Agile, etc.), if or when you change development methodologies, your test case management system presents work flow problems.

So, how can you avoid falling prey to good SEO but poor software testing tool knowledge? Ask more questions!

Here are a few Great Questions to ask your Short List of Software Testing Companies

  1. What evidence and/or experience can you show me that will help me believe that your approach will work for my project?
  2. Who is your tool expert, how did they become an expert, can I speak with them before the sale and will they be assigned to my project?
  3. How can you convince me that this tool and tool expert will effectively solve my problem?
  4. What is the long term cost projection for continuing to use this tool?
  5. Who else has used this tool for a couple years that can explain how well it works over time?

At TESTCo, we believe in honoring promises. We’ve successfully implemented and used software testing tools for almost 20 years. Like you, we expect a software testing tool to solve the problem and keep it solved at a cost that is less than the benefit received from using the tool. If we can’t make the math work, we’ll tell you and offer an alternative. Our tool belt is full and we know when and where to use every one of them successfully!


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