Software Test Outsourcing

Software Test Outsourcing for Small Projects

Most companies need a little help periodically from a software testing company. The requirement for software test outsourcing could exist in a software development company pushing out a new release; in an enterprise with an internal software project at a critical point in development; or in a web app agency rushing to meet a seasonal deadline. One soon discovers that finding a reliable provider able and willing to tackle a small, short-term project is really difficult. Here’s the problem:

A. Most software test outsourcing companies won’t take a small project

B. If they do, the software testing company can’t get started quickly enough to make a difference

Huh? Yeah, in most cases, if your project isn’t at least a couple of people for a couple of weeks (or more), then they aren’t interested in helping you.

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Why Most Software Test Outsourcing Firms Don’t Want Your Small Project

Why? Most outsourced software testing companies have a high overhead with a couple levels of managers. The effort involved to win a sale and deliver the services for a day or two of work just isn’t worth it to them. There’s just not enough profit left over for your project to be worth their time.

When I founded TESTCo in 2002 I purposefully structured the company in a way that enables us to handle on-demand software testing (for small and large projects) as well as the long-term projects where we are the outsourced QA department for the client.
At TESTCo, our minimum software test outsourcing project is 1 Test Engineer for 1 working day.

How can we do that? We keep our overhead very low, and employ the sharpest, most efficient test engineers and QA managers in the business. (That’s right, even small projects are assigned a QA Manager).

If you find yourself needing some help with software testing, no matter how small, give us a call. Here’s a sample of the types of testing we expertly conduct for companies just like yours every day.

Functional Software Testing
Manual Software Testing
Ad hoc Software Testing
Software Test Automation
Software Load Testing
Software Performance Testing
Software Test Planning & Strategy
On Demand Software Testing
Web Application Testing

How TESTCo Can Help with Your Small Software Test Outsourcing Project

Small software projects are different than large ones and need to be approached differently so that as much quality is delivered as quickly as possible. “Just Test It!” won’t quite do it but neither do you need a bunch of quality control and planning overhead.  So, how does TESTCo perform software test outsourcing for small projects and still deliver what you need?

Here’s how

  • We conduct a quick but thorough scoping via a web meeting. No more than 90 minutes.  You show us what you’ve built, tell us the story and your goals (and budget) for the current release.
  • We have our QA Managers work with a Sr Test Engineer to conduct a quick evaluation and let you know the best way to accomplish your quality, release and budget goals. (There’s a whole bunch of details about how we select the best QA methods to give you the most testing coverage but I won’t bore you with that here)
  • If you like our approach and proposal, sign some simple contracts and we can get started the next day.
  • Once we start testing for you, you’ll see at least twice daily status reports so that you are always well informed on where we are in the plan and what we’ve accomplished.
  • We will record any defect we find in your system, and if you don’t have one, we’ll use ours at no additional charge.
  • You’ll see our progress on a daily basis and we can change directions quickly if you need us to quickly retest and defects that you’ve already fixed.
  • Once we’re finished, we’ll ask you to say something nice about us so we can add that to our long and rowing list of testimonials.
  • We are also pretty good at checking back in so you’ll also hear from us approximately monthly to see if you need any more help.

That’s it!  Exactly what you need, delivered within a day or so, with the detail and professionalism that you’d expect from a seasoned software test outsourcing partner!