Great Help

We finished up with the team last Friday, and I just want to again compliment the team on their great help. They quickly picked up familiarity with the product line and helped us get through our testing.

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A New Tool

My view is we now have “a new tool in the bag” for meeting our testing requirements.

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Rigorous Review

Blue Fish needed to make the jump from writing code that is bug free and checked internally to having a rigorous third party review to ensure quality, but didn’t want to make their clients wait longer for their deliverables.

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Synchronize Testing

I’ve been able to provide some simple guidelines and procedures to the team and they have returned valuable tests and have uncovered relevant defects.  They allow me to get a lot of manual testing done at once, and have helped synchronize testing efforts with the workflow in development.

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Impressive Personnel

I am impressed with the personnel assigned to this project. They are patient and consistent hard working testers that we enjoy having on the team. Implementing industry testing best practices within this project has proven to be difficult and frustrating – I appreciate each person’s never ending push for this and the patience to do that.

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I have definitely been impressed with the ability of the engineers to get up to speed on the platform.  They seem to work very well with our developers and their open collaborative communication has been tremendous.

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An Indispensable Factor

Put simply, the TESTCo team was an indispensable factor in transforming the quality and reliability of our software products.

After two and a half years of a small team approach to software development and delivery, we realized it was time to take things to a new level, and TESTCo helped us to realize that vision. The speed and efficiency with which the testing team learned our product and its complex requirements and dependencies was impressive, and a relief for an organization of our small size.

The testing team’s ability to develop a test plan on the fly as they learned our software, and to self-identify test cases that improved the overall user experience for our product are key reasons TESTCo had an instant and positive impact on our organization.

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Overwhelmingly Positive

My experience with TESTCo has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful for their diligence and the quality of their results.

The team we have been working with is always readily available for discussions and changes in our direction, and in our meetings with them they are very personable and friendly.

TESTCo has surprised more than one of my coworkers with their thoroughness and preparedness. One new product manager remarked “Usually, I’m the one grilling the testers, but I was happy they were grilling us with the important questions that needed to be answered!”

Their test results prove that their methods are sound, well researched, and well practiced. They have provided excellent reports that are highly detail oriented and demonstrate a thoroughness that is very meaningful to us as we grow our start up.

Through working with TESTCo, we have been able to shape improvements to our own practices that reinforce our ability to deliver high quality software, and we would not be as successful as we have been without the amazing support that TESTCo has offered us.

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More Than Pleased

We have completed our Forms application and are more than pleased with the work Anatoliy at TESTCo performed for us. His project management was outstanding.  He kept me well informed of his daily sprint plan. His documentation is superb. He was very easy to work with. Our team will miss him.

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Take Ownership

The TESTCo Team established good communication with our QA team and DEV Team. If they don’t understand something, they ask. They are aware of the quality of the product and do a great job taking ownership of the whole product, not just the piece of the project they’ve been asked to test.

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Simplified Regression Testing

The biggest thing TESTCo does for me is to turn the complex task of keeping an evolving product regression-tested into the simple task of communicating high level needs to your team. I get to say ‘Please work on regression testing 8.7m this week’, and can trust that all of the details will be taken care of.

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