Take Ownership

The TESTCo Team established good communication with our QA team and DEV Team. If they don’t understand something, they ask. They are aware of the quality of the product and do a great job taking ownership of the whole product, not just the piece of the project they’ve been asked to test.

Simplified Regression Testing

The biggest thing TESTCo does for me is to turn the complex task of keeping an evolving product regression-tested into the simple task of communicating high level needs to your team. I get to say ‘Please work on regression testing 8.7m this week’, and can trust that all of the details will be taken care of.

A Level of Technical Ability

I’d like to express how well your software QA outsourcing team has been working out on our project team.  They’ve brought a certain level of technical ability to QA which has been very helpful to us.

Less Expensive No Sacrifice of Quality

Working in a very dynamic and ever-changing environment is a challenge when working with an offshore software testing team on any project. The value that TESTCo brings to Uplogix is less expensive QA labor costs without the sacrifice of quality of product. Through the use of TESTCo, and the offshore development team, we are able to realize tremendous savings of 2:1.  We could not do this kind of work for the cost if we did not use this methodology.

Also, this type of scheduling exercise provides uninterrupted resources and therefore, we do not fall behind in our delivery to the customer. This also increases the engineer’s velocity factors without constant interruption.

There are some that find the time shift a difficult challenge when working with offshore software testing development teams, however, we found that it works to our benefit in that we save valuable time as we have a new test results every morning when we arrive in the office. TESTCo manages this flawlessly for us.  This continual improvement process aids us to quickly discover what is working and what is not.  It helps us quickly decide what the next goal is that is beneficial for both the client and the developers.

There were lots of challenges during development because we could not send gear and documentation, but by the use of TESTCo, were able to do the kind of work that others could not do which was repeated manual testing versus using someone in-house.

Working with TESTCo, Uplogix gets what we need, when we needed it. Every individual participates managing this rapidly changing environment. The high level of direct communication that TESTCo provides enables us to solve issues quickly and efficiently and facilitates a smooth execution of the project.

A Great Partner

Your team has become a great partner to our software development teams thanks to careful planning, good execution, and excellent communication. I appreciate your diligence in making sure our engagements have gone well.

We Learned A Lot From You

We appreciate all the TESTCo team did for us:

  1. The rate at which you picked up the product,
  2. The communication,
  3. The commitment displayed and the investment TESTCo made in us – you are the kind of partners we want. You guys made us better and I wonder how much more can you do for us

Is was a difficult exercise, and not always fun, but we learned a lot from you.

Very Thorough

TESTCo has been very thorough, communicative, and responsive. When issues are discovered, they provide detailed documentation of the issue and how to reproduce it, which is very helpful for debugging. Their help has been valuable for ensuring consistent performance.