Two Major Assets

TESTCo brings to the table two major assets. The first is the formal software QA testing experiences and methodology that we can benefit from TESTCo’s best practices. The second is the varying resource demands we have depending on release cycles.

Having a local presence that provides daily status updates is invaluable. I believe the key to success with offshore software testing or development is the constant communication and getting issues resolved as soon as they occur. Going forward, we expect that TESTCo will enable us to better handle the peak demands in both development and QA.

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Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

We are very pleased with our decision to work with TESTCo. We recently brought TESTCo in to complete a Load and Performance Testing project for one of our customers. The testing helped us find and eliminate several performance bottlenecks that could have completely halted our customer’s application and business operations. As a result of TESTCo’s testing, our customer avoided a potential loss of $1M and we further enhanced the strong customer relationship.

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Consistently Delivered

I have to say that our experience with TESTCo has been very positive for the two years we’ve been working with them. We’ve been in India with them, and also in Ukraine, and they have consistently delivered. In fact, we are in the process of expanding our relationship with them for the third time in those two years. We have about 8 people in Ukraine (or openings for up to 8, I believe) right now. They are providing software QA testing and automated software testing now, and we’ve just added engineering to the mix in the last week or so… two thumbs up.

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Easy and Painless

Our company has never outsourced software QA testing work before and TESTCo made it both easy and painless. Throughout the process, daily check-ins and progress reports were available; our project manager made sure that we were always getting the work for which we were paying, and the entire process was kept on track and on budget.

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Fleshed Out the QA Process

When we first engaged TESTCo, we had a detailed dev process with a place noted for functional QA testing, but the QA processes weren’t fully in place and we had just started building test cases. I was extremely busy as the development manager for the company and my initial concern was that it would take a lot of my time to ensure that outsourcing software QA testing services would go smoothly.

But working with TESTCo has been great! They ramped quickly and within two weeks TESTCo fleshed out the QA process for us. Today our relationship is very productive as they handle the day-to-day management of functional QA so I can focus on development. Using TESTCo has enabled me to be as hands off as I need to be while keeping me informed of the status of each product being tested.

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Increased Productivity of Engineers

Our experience with TESTCo has been very positive and they’ve added significant value to our company. A huge plus in working with them, and one of the main reasons they were selected, is that TESTCo manages the software QA testing team directly. This enables me to focus on the key components of development and software QA testing without having to spend time managing TESTCo’s QA engineers directly.

By using TESTCo to drive our software QA testing, we’ve dramatically increased the productivity of our engineers. Now they can spend more time focused on product development and receive almost immediate feedback on fixes needed since testing occurs overnight. Being able to complete software QA testing throughout the development process versus just testing at the end of each milestone has helped us to continually strengthen the quality of our product. In addition, the cost savings of working with TESTCo have been huge! Just for software regression testing on patches, TESTCo has saved us almost 150 hours of staff time over the course of a year- and that is just one aspect of the testing services we use

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Instantaneous Expertise

TESTCo provided instantaneous expertise in software QA testing that integrated well with our development process.

Our testing needs vary throughout the year. TESTCo provides flexible software testing services that ramps up when we need it. Plus, their engineers dig deep into our application looking for vulnerabilities that we may not have considered.

TESTCo’s process dovetails with our agile development methods, which facilitates a ‘develop today and test tonight’ methodology. TESTCo staff are consummate collaborators; enhancing our process as necessary, and offering solutions on demand. TESTCo reacts quickly to our changing software QA testing needs. They work closely with us to formulate testing plans based on our priorities, and then shift resources quickly when our priorities change. Our local testing manager stays in constant communication with us, and is a reliable and integral part of our development team. It is obvious that TESTCo measures their success by our success.

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Peace of Mind

We work with TESTCo because I did the research and found it to be the best option for our company at this point in our lifecycle.  We needed to be MS OEM certified ASAP and the TESTCo team was able to jump in and get it done. The process is not easy and TESTCo’s experience of having done it before was invaluable. Personally, TESTCo provides me with peace of mind.  I know when I request something to be tested it will be done quickly, done well, and done with a lot of attention to detail.

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Integrated Into Our Culture

We had a customer with a complex environment that needed both support and customization assistance quickly. This request was further complicated by the fact that expert resources and the customer resources were in a variety of global locations.

TESTCo provided staff with strong technical skills and the personality to propose creative solutions without waiting for direction. Hand-offs between folks around the organization were seamless.

I am most pleased with how easily the TESTCo staff have integrated into the Lombardi culture and their ability to work in an independent fashion. TESTCo required no handholding or remedial guidance. The entire group eats, drinks and breaths the company ethos.

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Fewer Customer Complaints

Now that we have TESTCo in place, we’re experiencing fewer customer complaints. We have one test environment for changes and another for pre-production. Before, we’d just have users test the finished product. Now, TESTCo test scripts cover all possible scenarios for application failure. That’s helped a great deal. The system is much more stable than before. And the developers don’t have to waste their time on testing fire-drills.

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Fantastic Job

TESTCo has done a fantastic job managing this, oftentimes haphazard and disorganized, testing project. This was our first foray into outsourcing any testing and I am sure we will be using your services again when necessary.

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Extremely Valuable

Having our testing projects managed by someone in Austin who is of our own culture and timezone, receiving accurate daily status and most of all, qualified talent, has turned out to be extremely valuable.

We’re convinced that version 7.0 of our product will be by far our most flexible, powerful, fully tested and bug free release ever and we really want your whole team to know how important your work has been in ensuring that. On behalf of our customers, we thank you. We look forward to a long and productive relationship together.

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