Objective Perspective

Working with TESTCo has been a very positive experience, they are methodical, report back promptly and are very accommodating. The staff is not only testing our software to determine that it works and meets specifications, but they are also thinking about how it may or may not meet customer requirements. Having the objective perspective that TESTCo contributes is supporting our goal of providing a high quality end product to our customers.

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A Pool of Trained Resources

TESTCo provides us with a pool of trained resources that gives us the flexibility to ramp up our software QA testing efforts on a very short notice. Not only are we getting good results but we are achieving a significant cost savings for our company by outsourcing our software QA testing needs to TESTCo.

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React Quickly

Working with TESTCo provides significant savings each year compared to paying in-house resources for software QA testing. The biggest value in working with TESTCo has come from their ability to react quickly to changing needs and be accommodating of our unique process and approach. Overall, we’ve been extremely satisfied!

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Real-Time Testing

TESTCo has helped us enable a real-time, iterative development process that has had a dramatic impact on our time-to-market. The introduction of real-time software QA testing decreased release cycle times by 20% and increased the defect discovery rate by 400%.

By offering a flexible usage model for software QA testing services and a reduced per-head cost, we were able to reduce its software QA testing related expenses by 50%.

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First-Chair Participants

Starting in the development area, TESTCo has been acting as Sychron’s QA, testing everything with the application – from insulation, configuration, performance all the way through to the robustness of the application.  TESTCo helps us establish the criteria to determine whether the product is ready to go.

Unlike some other third party developers, TESTCo is in the “A” group with their ability to manage the writing of the code to test and release.  They are first-chair participants and Sychron could not ask for better team members and that is exactly what they are.

Communication is key in this business and TESTCo provides us with the ability to concentrate on other areas of development while they manage the software QA testing.  These third party developers are not faceless folks and TESTCo ensures that they are part of the process at all times.

Even more than the communication factor is that TESTCo and the developers have the best interest of Sychron’s product and the value is the sense of ownership that TESTCo takes in the sense of ownership we all share.  That is a rare quality to find in a company.

The final result is a union of people’s hard work and software QA testing is often treated with less importance and even more when it is outsourced.  That is not the case here and it is because of TESTCo managing and making sure we are all on the same page and working in the same direction.

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Quick Adjustments

We outsource our entire software QA testing function to TESTCo, which results in an overall cost savings of 30% annually. There’s another benefit besides the cost savings.

Our software QA testing requirements are cyclical and we experience many peaks and valleys. By working with TESTCo we have the ability to make quick adjustments to staffing levels based on our needs which is something we didn’t have the flexibility to do with in-house staff. In addition, TESTCo has worked loosely with us to improve our software process, which allows us to produce products more efficiently and with a higher level of quality.

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Comprehensive Quality Assurance

TESTCo provides Journyx with a comprehensive quality assurance solution that not only ensures we deliver high-quality software and products to our markets, but also identifies opportunities for greater efficiencies in development and testing as they become available.

Journyx is free to focus on developing software solutions because TESTCo keeps track of best practices and new developments in quality assurance tools and methodologies. TESTCo created an entirely new test suite in tandem with new and existing product development that allowed Journyx to add a major product without any delays for new testing procedures or coverage.

Prior to engaging TESTCo, I spent 80% of my time on software QA testing oversight and managing customer patch requests. I had little time to devote to strategy, future release planning and requirements because testing procedures were inefficient and the resulting product quality was a drag on support and development resources. Thanks to improvements implemented by TESTCo, I have the ability to spend the majority of my time on forward looking activities that allow me to be prepared for opportunities as they arise.

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Saving 30 to 50%

I like working with TESTCo because they’re going to bid it accurately, they’re going to do it on time and they’re going to do it thoroughly.

TESTCo’s ability to accurately quote individual verification projects is very important to us, as the projects vary in scope and size. Also, we do not know the ease or complexity of a verification project until TESTCo digs into it and assesses it.

We’re saving probably 30% to 50% of what we were paying previously, and we get things done faster and more reliably with TESTCo’s software testing services.

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An Extension of Our Team

We have worked with other outside testing groups in the past, but the combination of really smart Test Engineers in Eastern Europe and a local manager makes the testing of new releases very efficient and cost-effective.

We have a very close working relationship where TESTCo is an extension of our own development team. Because they know our application and have built a test framework that fits our product, TESTCo’s software testing services are very effective in uncovering software defects prior to release. They have a dedicated team of very smart Test Engineers that work hard.

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A True Partner

TESTCo has been a true partner with us as we created a new and innovative trading platform for one of our key clients.

We were tasked to create something that had never been built before so we all had to figure it out together. Our testing team really dug in to learn the details of the financial domain, the business drivers that would make the platform successful and gain the trust of our client.

That required support from their executives during the inevitable twists and turns any project encounters and persistence ad diligence from their project team

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To The Letter

I can pass off an entire business problem (‘we need testing’) and count on it being solved well. Also, when instructions are provided to you guys, you follow them to the letter almost perfectly every time.

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Drive Costs Down

I’ve been very happy with TESTCo. Our TESTCo team members are sharp, technically savvy and committed to Surgient’s success, which are qualities we required. In addition, they’ve helped us drive costs down while enabling us to maintain the highest level of service for our customers.

We continue to work with TESTCo because of the consistent high quality product and the fact the TESTCo team feels more like a strategic business partner instead of a vendor. The primary value that TESTCo provides is a focus on helping my business succeed. By focusing on my success, the value of their staff extends well beyond the positive measurable ROI I receive each month.

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